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Are you looking for a way to effectively reach 

Gen Z


Friendship Love


If so, we'd love to talk

Customer acquisition, changing consumer behaviour, raising awareness, engaging audiences, promoting your CSR, becoming an advocate for mental health, increasing footfall to your shops – you name it, we’ve got you covered.

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Marketplace Feature

HOLD’s marketplace offers great visibility for your brand. Users are checking the marketplace almost as often as starting a new session. A spot in our marketplace is highly effective in getting new leads and establishing enduring B2C relations. Or acquiring the email data of our audience who redeem your marketplace offers. 🎉



Raise awareness for a campaign or your brand via our activities like Study, Work, Listen, Watch and many more. In 2022, users in the UK have already spent more than 70 million minutes on HOLD. 💙

Get in touch

We are happy to talk you through our successful collaborations with some of our clients. So if you are interested in featuring in our reward marketplace and reaching our engaged Gen Z audience ...

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