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Hold For Work

Removing the distractions of our devices to  to improve productivity and wellbeing 

74% of people feel distracted at work

  • Our phones are stealing up to 1 hour during a workday

  • 90% multi-task during meetings

  • It takes 23 minutes to get back to focus mode when distracted


Technology plays a fundamental role in our society, especially in the current climate where we are forced to work at home, we are constantly being distracted by our devices, it has become increasingly hard to work without distraction - this is where Hold comes in.


At Hold, we help people find that balance in their lives,  helping them focus on the things that matter in an engaging, fun and playful way. Hold allows you to switch on when working and switch off after work. Hold helps by providing you with the tools to remove the distractions that come with being connected 24/7 allowing you to enjoy your "me time", and spend quality time with family and friends


Employees are more stressed now than before, as the lines between work and home have been blurred

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