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Welcome to HOLD

Lets get you started


1. Download the mobile app

This will be your main source to distraction free work

2. Download the extension

To get the cross platform experience

3. Feedback 

Tell us how you want HOLD to work

How does it work?

Make a plan

Use the Today View to plan your day and add priorities. Adding a limited number of priorities will help you focus on what is important and stop you from setting unrealistic goals.


Start a focus session

To help you tackle your priorities, you can start a time boxed focus sessions. Decide how long you want to focus for and to keep you on track, all websites outside your whitelist will be blocked. Time spent on your phone outside the app will be recorded. time using your phone will be recorded during this time.


Complete and progress

At the end of the session you’ll get feedback on your focus level. You can then update the status of your priority, before tackling the next challenge. Go to the me section to view your weekly focus time and completions.

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