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4 Ways to Ensure Your Team Stays Connected and on Track while WfH

1. Plan a daily standup over video chat

Keep your team connected through daily standup meetings. Take the time to chat through what was accomplished the day prior and what needs to get done that day. This helps keep everyone up to speed and gives you some necessary team interaction.

At Hold our favourite platform for this is Whereby - it’s easy to use and even easier to access from any device.


2. Introduce weekly 121 video calls

Working at home can be isolating so it's important to check in with your team to understand their mindset. Check in on a personal and professional level.

Again Whereby is our favourite for all face-to-face calling.


3. Keep everyone on task

When working remotely it’s hard to get an overview of all projects, ensure everyone is keeping to deadlines and know what's coming up in the pipeline.

Use a task planner - our go to is Asana - it allows you to set clear objectives for yourself and your team, assign tasks to team members, discuss the topic in a

thread, set a deadline, upload helpful

documents and tick it off once completed.


4. Collaborate using online tools

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have collaborative sessions with your team. Miro helps teams be able to work together by creating a board that everyone can access, edit, and add to all at once

Tip: use Whereby to share your Miro screen so you can all brainstorm together. 🚀


Do you want to set this up or discuss how you can keep your team on track while working remotely? We’ll happily give you an intro over a video-call - click here to schedule 🤓

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