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Physical exercise and productivity: the connection between the two and how to create a habit

We’ve had an amazing opportunity to host Torbjørn Husevåg, CEO & Founder of Torbs Training, in our podcast. We talked about how physical health affects our mental health and what to do to form long lasting routines.


Strava conducted interesting research where, based on their 800 million user-logs database, it turned out that an average date for the New Year’s resolutions to collapse is 19th of January. So why’s that?

People tend to create plans that seem achievable, but without building a proper routine beforehand, it’s easy to fall into a trap of feeling like a failure. If you want to do everything at once, the chances are - it won’t work. What will most likely happen is a slow burnout process, ending with a negative experience.

"You will have days where you don't feel like working out. If I only worked out on the days I felt like it, I would probably be in a pretty bad shape."

Start small! Don’t set yourself up for failure. Here’s what you can do to make it easier:

  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP Don’t overlook it - no need to explain why more energy helps with exercising.

  • MAKE A PLAN Set up a progression schedule - you don’t have to start with running 50km a days. But make it more difficult each training session.

  • PREPARE THE GEAR Either a day before, if it’s in the morning, or a few hours before - get your clothes, shoes and equipment ready, so it’s easy to just grab it and go.

  • COMMIT TO THE FIRST 2 MINUTES Don’t discourage yourself with long sessions ahead of you. A few minutes will be enough, but statistically saying, you’ll probably do more if you simply start. 9 times out of 10 if you start, you get the momentum, you tend to complete.

  • AIM FOR 21 DAYS If you make it without slipping, your routine is implemented. It should be way easier to keep up and continue.

Additionally, it would be great to have a training buddy, who will keep you accountable. It also makes exercising way more fun. If you have a tracking device, use it! Seeing progress will improve your chances of staying on track and… who doesn’t like to feel proud of themselves?

"Exercise how you like until you like to exercise."



Torbjørn mentions that lack of motivation is in reality the lack of clarity. Not knowing what to do next or if what you’re doing is correct is the worst that can happen. Find a goal, find what works for you and stick with it. People, especially entrepreneurs, often believe that work related tasks should be a priority, when in reality, they lower their brain functions by not exercising enough. That obviously has an impact on the quality and speed of their performance.

"Neglecting your physical health is probably the worst business strategy you can do."

Training is not something that gives us results immediately. It requires time and commitment to see the final goal. It’s easy to get into the pattern of “no instant gratification - no priority. It’s good to remind yourself that physical health means mental clarity.

As Torbjørn says, doing cardio 3 times a week for up to 45 minutes gives you the best outcome.



Like with every habit, it's hard to believe before experiencing that on your own. We can tell you whatever you need and want to hear, but for it to work - you have to make it work. We promise you that it does get easier and that it is in fact very beneficial for your mental health. All we can ask for is to try it out.

Torbjørn is launching his new platform, Torbs Training, that allows user to follow a smooth progression plan with full transparency and understanding. If you're set on improving your life and take care of your body, start your free trial today and see if it's for you 💪

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