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The Truth, the Hold Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Our story doesn’t start with a line of code or some lonely garage in the suburbs. It goes back a little further than that...

From rags to riches, from enslaved to free, from breathless child to restless founder, the story of Ambition is as old as Time itself.

But between Ambition and Victory lies a great gulf. And in this age of distraction, ambition alone isn’t enough.

We slide into Distraction like a warm soup. We lose lifetimes in Her infinite scroll.

And our deepest hopes and dreams often slip, from the best of intentions to nothingness, because we just don’t hold onto them tightly enough.

It’s not easy to sacrifice Today for the wins Tomorrow, but whoever said hard work can’t be fun?

Like most grand ambitions, ours started with a simple question — If the most epic wins in Life are the ones we work hardest for, how can we make that an awesome experience, instead of a painful one?

Here is Vinoths' take 🙌

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