HOLD’s goal has always been to help limit the distractions and meaningless time spent on devices, in order to live more in the present and spend time on the meaningful things in life. 


We started as students, where despite the strong desire to achieve good grades, we found ourselves constantly checking our phones and scrolling endlessly while ‘studying’ - struggling to find that productive work flow and feeling bad about the time wasted. We have spent the last five years perfecting HOLD with the help of 650,000 amazing students in the Nordics and UK. We’ve learned so much, from understanding the intrinsic motivation behind being a master of one’s own productivity and seeing that there’s an increasing need for a tool that helps users structure their days and help them to focus on one task at a time. It really isn’t about the rewards… what people want is to get shit done!


Those 650,000 students have since moved into the workforce and have continued to inspire  us and help drive our goal of creating a product that truly limits distractions. We are excited now to be able to share our secret to productivity with a wider audience and release our new and improved product - HOLD X. It’s become increasingly difficult to stay on track and stay focused due to digital distractions and procrastination while working. We want to feel we’ve been productive, having completed the most important priorities. HOLD X will give you access to your own personal productivity coach - giving you the tools to be more efficient with your time, get shit done, feel positive about your output at the end of the work day so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

We want you to get the most out of life  

We believe in supporting organisations that build a better tomorrow 








The Team

We are a close-knit team working across Norway and the UK. We are a passionate group who always strive make things a bit more fun and engaging

Ours Values

1. Find the joy
Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. No matter how tough a journey, when we unlock the joy we unlock our potential to achieve the impossible

2. Celebrate early, and often
our most epic wins in life are the ones we work hardest for. Celebrate early and celebrate often. Live each moment to its fullest

3. Remember the Human
No true breakthroughs are ever possible without engaging a few humans along the way. everyone matters. Everyone.

4. Challenge your limits

Nothing great ever came from playing it safe. We value the courage to take bold leaps and hold tight to your dreams

5. Elevate

Use your energy and commitment to support, motivate and  to take action to uplift all those around you

Join us!

It’s not easy to sacrifice Today for the wins Tomorrow, but whoever said hard work can’t be fun?


Like most grand ambitions, ours started with a simple question — If the most epic wins in Life are the ones we work hardest for, how can we make that an awesome experience, instead of a painful one?

Do you want to be part in helping the world spend time on the things that matter