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Telia: Improving Well Being and Saving the Planet in One Fell Swoop 💫

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

We sat down with Chris Hovde from Telia back in November to understand their goals for the rest of the year and start of the next quarter. It was exciting to learn that they are looking to the sustainable development goals set out by the UN as a guide for what they want to achieve in the coming years.

For Telia the main question was how to drive health and wellbeing amongst their employees, and improve overall sustainability. They had an ambition to become climate champions and ensure they had the most engaged workforce. With Christmas coming up, they wanted to engage their employees in their annual Christmas campaign to donate to a sustainable charity, while also ensuring that employees were reducing the stress that inevitably comes during the December period.

The answer for them was Hold.

For every 20 minutes on Hold, Telia rewarded each employee by offsetting their carbon emissions through CHOOOSE, a charitable organisation combating climate change by helping to remove CO2 emissions.

Through our strategic partnership, Telia employees were able to reduce the distractions of their devices, allowing them to “switch on” at work and “switch off” at home, thereby improving wellbeing, while also making a significant impact on climate change and the reduction of CO2 in our environment.

The Christmas campaign ran for the month of December, with 455 Telia employees participating. On average, they spent 3.5 hours per day on Hold, resulting in almost 2000 tonnes of CO2 reduction!

“That’s the equivalent of 37 528 fewer flights from London to Paris or 24 393 250 imported bananas!” - CHOOOSE

We are extremely proud to be a part of an amazing partnership that has not only been able to help people spend time on the things that matter and live more in the present, but also help reduce our carbon emissions and help our planet!

Want to know how you can reduce stress and engage your employees in a meaningful way? Hold can help companies reach their goals. Get in touch with us here:

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