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Unlock Distraction-Free Remote Working For Your Team


Productive people working for these companies are already using Hold 


HOLD - Free Version

HOLD helps you block digital distractions while WfH in a fun and rewarding way. 

Activate HOLD to block distractions and earn points for every minute you're off your phone. Redeem your points in the marketplace for real world rewards and compete with your colleagues and friends. 


HOLD for Teams 

Help your team stay motivated and engaged while working from home


Custom Rewards

Surprise your team with awesome rewards to get them excited and more engaged. We know how effective rewards are for promoting healthy habit change and showing employee appreciation.

...and the reward options are endless!

Work Together

Building a new routine alone can be difficult - that's why we've developed Hold Together. Regardless of where you are, work at the same time as your colleagues to keep each other accountable, while also boosting your HOLD points. 


360° Distraction Blocker [BETA]

Distractions come from many platforms. HOLD on your smartphone is great, but want to know whats better? Hold on your smartphone and desktop!

With a simple touch you can activate HOLD's 360° blocker, blocking the apps/sites that don't help you finish your work. 

Calendar Integration [BETA]

Integrate HOLD with your calendar to get more things done. HOLD will automatically create a distraction free environment so your scheduled tasks can be uninterrupted. 


Case Study: Danske Bank Norway


Danske Bank wanted to improve employee wellbeing and productivity


They launched a company wide pilot in Norway with Hold to limit distractions at work and home.

Implemented Pro package:

  • Customised Gif’s and personalised branding

  • Customised marketplace with own rewards/competitions.

  • Monthly engagement report



Danske Bank signed a longterm contract having shown the following results 

Hold removed 63% of the perceived distractions in the workplace

60% of employees used Hold every single workday

80% would recommend Hold to friends and colleagues 

Employees improved their ability to switch off after work by 40% 



For teams that want to try out HOLD

NOK 0/month*

Limited to 5 users

  • Mobile App with core functionality

  • Own workplace/team leaderboard

  • Selected rewards


For teams who want the full HOLD experience and the must haves for WfH

NOK 50/month*

  • Mobile App with core functionality

  • Own workplace/team leaderboard

  • Custom rewards/ competitions

  • Working from home tips and tricks

  • In-app company branding

Coming Soon:​

  • Work together

  • 360° distraction blocker - desktop and mobile blocker in one simple touch

  • Calendar integration

*Per person per month

HOLD For Teams

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