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We're on TV2! 🚀

Let’s be honest, there are no super humans. We all struggle with staying organised, productive and generally on track, and COVID-19 has made all of those things even more difficult. Since we've been involved in improving this situation for those who are now working from home, TV2 invited us to talk about solutions to our common struggles.

Here’s what our co-founders had to say:

We know, we know. It's in Norwegian! Let's summarize what we want to share below 👇

Working from home? How, when and why?

We’ve been spending a lot of time researching and trying to find the best way of solving the problems our studies reveal. So far, our findings are showing a big difference in daily routines since the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • People, on average, spent 31 hours and 6 minutes on their phones last week

  • Their screen time increased by 15.83% due to change of scenery

  • 70.4% are feeling significantly less productive or less productive while working from home, while only 7.4% feels slightly more productive.

The research also clearly defined 5 biggest challenges the participants are facing:

  • Digital distractions

  • Time management

  • Household activities

  • Kids and family being around

  • Lack of social interactions outside of the households

Interestingly, 85% of the respondents believe that the employer could make their work situation better.

Our wellbeing is at risk and now more than ever, learning how to keep a healthy balance between work and free time is crucial. We get caught in either doing too little or too much, losing structure and blurring the boundaries. Any of those sound familiar? At Hold, we’re working hard to provide a tool that allows you to take back your control over time during this challenging period.

Check what Hold has to offer and start your journey of making everything better 🙌

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